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Keynote Sample: Using Keynote Pie Diagram to show FICO Credit Score

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Muezart's 3D Pie Diagrams are an awesome way of depicting data which is not only critical in nature but also one that creates a sense of urgency and may cause a few to hit the panic button! The images are clear and the depictions and the figures therein speak for themselves.


Muezart 3D Pie Diagrams

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An Example of How to Use 3D Pie Diagrams

Sample use of 3D Pie Diagrams

In our sample here, we show what are the major factors which affect your FICO or credit score. Did you know that your FICO or Credit score is largely based on five parameters? Of course there's other factors which are taken into account but these are the main pillars which make/ break your credit score. As you can see, the manner in which you've been managing your payments accounts for 35% likelihood of whether or not your credit application will be approved. This is followed closely by the volume of your outstanding dues and your disposable income at 30%. Third in place is how old your credit history is and how often you interact with your creditors, vis-a-vis payments and honored checks. Lastly, there's New credit and the Types of credit you have. Where New credit indicates the number of applications you've filled out for credit, Types of credit is indicative of the kinds of obligations you have, ranging from auto loans to student loans to child support.

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