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Central America Map - Complete Set

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Muezart’s 29 slide deck of Central America Map templates for keynote covers all finer details of the different Central American countries, their capitals and their flags & icons. These fully editable Keynote slides can be used to create visually attractive presentations. Need a simpler version of the Keynote Templates of the Central America Map with fewer slides?

For your convenience, this product has 3 versions designed using Apple Keynote 5.3, 6.1 and 6.5 in iWorks Contact us.


Muezart’s 29 slide Central America Map deck covers every detail of its constituent countries, their capitals and their flags & icons. There are individual maps for Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama. The capitals of these countries and their distinctive flags & icons are also covered. Since the slides are fully editable individual parts of the map can be pulled apart and the text or color changed. Graphical forms of the data can also be shown. Educators, business people and consultants will find this Keynote set particularly useful.*

Product Features & Benefits

  • 100% customizable Apple Keynote slides
  • Full range of layout options
  • Convenient text placeholder
  • 100% vector graphics give flexibility to design – making it better than Clip Art
  • Custom designed by our specialized Graphic Designers using Apple Keynote
  • Fast customer support with every download of iWorks Keynote slide products from Muezart.
  • Why waste time on cumbersome slide design when you could spend more time on writing and refining your presentation content? Contact us to inquire about our Keynote presentation customization services.

Modèles Keynote modifiables - Amérique Centrale Set carte complète
Editable Keynote Vorlagen - Zentralamerika Komplette Map Set
Plantillas editables Keynote - Central America Map Set Completo

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