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PERT Diagram

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This 10-slide editable PERT diagram iPad Keynote deck features PERT chart diagram, network program diagram and much more. Companies can use this deck to organize and coordinate tasks for any projects. Save time by downloading this ready to use deck now!

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For your convenience, this product has 3 versions designed using Apple Keynote 5.3, 6.1 and 6.5 in iWorks.


This 10-slide Pert Diagram for Keynote is a tool helps you to manage your project, by helping you to schedule, organize and coordinate the various tasks within the project.

The network diagram consists of numbered rectangular nodes that can be used to present the events or milestones in the project. Linear arrows connect the nodes to show the sequence in which the tasks need to be completed. There are different options to show parallel tasks and serial tasks.

This Programme Evaluation Review Technique slides are editable and can be customized to your need.*

Product Features & Benefits

  • Fully editable customizable Apple Keynote slides
  • Range of layout options that are easy to edit
  • Easy to change colors, shadows, fonts, text and backgrounds
  • Design elements can be added, modified or deleted
  • Convenient text placeholders
  • Better than Clip Art: Using elements created natively in Keynote give flexibility to design.
  • When you download an iWorks Keynote Slide product from Muezart - You have a professional team behind the product. Contact us about our Keynote presentation formatting services.

Diapositives Keynote éditables - Diagramme PERT
Editierbare Keynote Folien - PERT-Diagramm
Las diapositivas de Keynote editables: diagrama PERT

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