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English Speaking Countries

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This 5 slide English Speaking Countries map template for Apple Keynote provides maps of all the countries in the world where the English language is spoken. Muezart makes the best professional business templates! Buy our presentation slides today!

This product has been designed using Keynote 5.1 in iWorks '09. Do you need this product in another version? Contact us.


This English Speaking Countries map deck for Apple Keynote presentation contains the maps of all the countries in the world where English is widely spoken. The slides distinguish among countries where:

  • English is an official language and spoken by the majority of people.
  • English is an official language but not too widely spoken.
  • English is the first language but other languages are widely spoken.
  • English is used in workplaces.
  • English is gaining popularity among the professionals

These slides are easy to download, edit and use in any of your Keynote presentations. It will be useful for businesses, academics and anyone who has an interest in the English speaking world. *

Product Features & Benefits

  • Fully editable customizable Apple Keynote slides
  • Range of layout options that are easy to edit
  • Easy to change colors, shadows, fonts, text and backgrounds
  • Design elements can be added, modified or deleted
  • Convenient text placeholders
  • Better than Clip Art: Using elements created natively in Keynote give flexibility to design.
  • When you download an iWorks Keynote Slide product from Muezart - You have a professional team behind the product. Contact us about our Keynote presentation formatting services.

Países de Habla Inglés - Editable Keynote
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Editable Keynote - Englischsprachige Länder

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