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Sphere of Influence - Single Slide

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Human Interaction Vs.Technological Interaction or Old Vs.New - this theme is beautifully depicted in this Editable Sphere of Influence - Single Slide iWorks Keynote Template. Our products come to the rescue of busy professionals. Save time by downloading this ready to use template.

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This product has been designed using Keynote 5.1 in iWorks '09.

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This Sphere of Influence slide depicts the circle that you have around yourself - your friends, family and coworkers. These three facets of everyone's life is what influences us greatly. The inner most circle represents the modes of communication that we use including the internet, cell phones, iPod, radio, print media and billboards.*

Product Features & Benefits

  • 100% customizable Apple Keynote slides
  • Full range of layout options
  • Convenient text placeholder
  • 100% vector graphics give flexibility to design - making it better than Clip Art
  • Custom designed by our specialized Graphic Designers using Apple Keynote
  • Fast customer support with every download of iWorks Keynote slide products from Muezart.
  • Why waste time on cumbersome slide design when you could spend more time on writing and refining your presentation content? Contact us to inquire about our Keynote presentation customization services.


Su esfera de influencia - Ilustraciones Keynote totalmente editables
Ihr Einflussbereich - Voll editierbar Keynote Abbildungen
Votre sphère d'influence - entièrement éditables Illustrations Keynote

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