Creating with natural dyes

Maintaining one’s culture, values and traditions is beyond price- GINANO LUI

Discovering and creating natural dyes from what’s available in their surrounding is something that the women in villages Umden, Mawlong and Margnar are proud and is an heirloom knowledge that has been passed down from their forefathers.

“I love discovering plants for creating dyes, I want to learn more it doesn’t matter if it takes a year learning is a continuous process”

~Kong B. Syiem Is one of our weaving partners. She and her weaving friends have now archived more than 40 natural plant-based dye colors.

What is unique and different about the process of natural dyeing practiced in Meghalaya is that the artisans follow an “All Natural” process. The mordant used to make the colour stick to the fabric are made from leaves.

this hand spun eri silk was dyed using iron ore and natural mordants
This eri sild yarn was dyed using natural mordants and lac

The dyeing patterns are inspired by natural colors. The Muezart team has been trained in plant-based dyeing. We are amazed at the color that comes from the combination of plants, mordants, insects, and minerals all collected from the forest.