Shawl - Our Story of Making Eri Silk Shawls

When winter starts, it is advisable that you don your summer clothes to winter clothes like warm leather jackets, tall lengthy boots, and shawls. Having a shawl wrap around your shoulders makes you feel cozy and warm.

What Is a Shawl?

A shawl is a fabric clothing loosely worn over the shoulders, the upper body, and arms. It is predominately worn during the winter season and the rainy season to keep one warm. 

What is a shawl? How do you wear it? | Muezart

The two most important elements of a shawl are the warmness it provides and the wideness to cover your chest, back, and shoulders.

Why Do People Wear Shawls?

Shawls are worn for different purposes like keeping one warm, religious beliefs, etc. According to the Hindu Dharma in India, an individual engaged in selflessly working for a social cause is eligible for felicitation. Presenting an individual with a shawl is a sign of respect.

How To Wear a Shawl?


Our Traditional Way of Making Shawls

In the past, almost all shawls are made out of pure wool. Nowadays you can find shawls made from cotton, silk, and nylon, etc.

All our products including shawls are made from Eri silk

1. Mariang

This scarf is named Mariang which means “Nature” in the local language as it resonates the lush full green forest of Meghalaya. This shawl is wrap with 60/2 Eri silk yarn and weft with Handspun Eri silk yarn.



2. Kyntang

Kyntang means blessed, according to the old traditions the three stipes at the end of the shawl is believed to bring good life and protection from evil. Its subtle color makes it a jack of all trades with any wear. This shawl is warp and weft with our Hand-spun Eri silk yarn.



The Yarns We Use For Making The Shawls Mentioned Above



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