100% Natural Red Eri Silk Where does it come from?

Red Cocoon - What Bug Has a Red Cocoon?

Eri silk cocoons, which are created by the Samia Cynthia moths are, mostly white or off-white in color. But one does see lovely copper red colored cocoons too. We have shared our story of what we have learned about red colored Eri silk cocoons.

Here is a moth with a red colored pupa, created by a moth called Angle shades of the family Noctuidae. With a wingspan of 45-52 mm and brown in color, this moth is also called as "Big brown moth". This is not a silk moth but is found in gardens.

Angle shades - Red pupa | Muezart

Are Red Cocoon Moths Dangerous?

If you happen to find red pupa or cocoon in your garden, you need not be worried. Angle shades moths, like most moths, are harmless but if the moth is a female, it can lay numerous eggs which will later hatch as caterpillars and can eat the plants in your garden. 

What's the Difference Between a Pupa and a Cocoon?

Pupa is the life stage that a moth or a butterfly goes through. The pupa stage falls in between the larva stage and the moth stage. 

Pupa | Muezart

A pupa has life – it is a stage in an insect’s transformation cycle -  from an egg to its final form. A cocoon is a protective layer around a pupa. The silkworms spin cocoons before they turn into a pupa from which they emerge as moths.

Eri silk cocoon | Muezart

Red Cocoons of Eri Silk

Red eri silk coocon | MuezartLight orange brownish Eri silk cocoon 

Eri silk cocoons are mostly white or creamish white. But, we do see some copper red colored Eri silk cocoons. Some of the Eri silk rearers in our network tell us that the color can change based on what the Eri silkworms ate. The silkworm rearers told us that  cocoons of Samia cynthia can turn light orange brownish in color when the Eri silkworms eat Sla Paiam (ficus citrifolia) leaves.  We are studying this aspect – whether the diet of the Eri silkworms determine the color of the Eri silk Cocoons.

Have you come across red colored cocoons? Please share with us.

Ficus Citrifolia leaves | Muezart

 Ficus Citrifolia leaves (Image Source: http://tropical.theferns.info/image.php?id=Ficus+citrifolia)

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