Fuchsia Gold Eri Silk Scarf For Women

The Eri silk fuchsia gold silk scarf is of a unique shade, which can be your summer accessory and the perfect winter scarf- at the same time!

It is made of 100% sustainable fibers and is intricately hand-spun.

This beautiful Eri silk neck scarf has been naturally dyed from plant-based ingredients and minerals.

What is so special about the Eri silk Fuchsia gold silk scarf?

This scarf is made of Eri silk, which is perfect to be worn both during summers and winters, so you don’t have to tuck it away deep inside your wardrobe at any time of the year!


183 x 43.18cm ( 72 x 17 inches)

A Women Wearing an Pink / orange  silk scarf in a winter evening near a green field in Shillong - Get The best scarf for women from Muezart India
A Pink Silk Scarf Made from Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Get this head silk scarf today from Muezart

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