Rustic Eri Silk Scarf For Women

The wrap is named Rustic because of the toned-down feel that you get from the colors of the scarf. You can pair it up with your casuals if you want that aesthetic vibe.

What makes the Eri Silk scarf Special?

Eri Silk, being hydrophilic, has high absorbency and breathable, making it comfortable to wear during warm weather.

At the same time, its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather, making the fabric warm to wear in Winter.

So, all in all, Eri Silk is a fabric you can wear all season.

The durability of Eri Silk is what makes Eri Silk a Timeless Silk and surpasses time which is why it is passed down for generations as an Heirloom fabric.

The nice effects on this handwoven scarf were achieved through a combination of Resist dyeing and color blocking technique in weaving.

Who made your scarf?

Weave by Kong Tmung; this scarf is lightweight and Airy.

Relish in knowing this wrap is made with 100% sustainable Eri silk fabric and hand-dyed using plant-based and mineral ingredients.


Dimensions: 189 x 47 cm (74.4 x 18.5 inches)

50% hand spun Eri silk

50% finely spun Eri silk

Cream white color is the natural color of Eri silk yarn

100% Naturally dyed with lac, iron ore and turmeric

100% organic mordant

A beautiful silk scarf for women made from Eri Silk hanging in a bamboo stick in a studio
A women holding a A beautiful silk scarf for women made from Eri Silk
Eri Silk Shawl Handwoven Natural Dyed Color - Hand Spun eri Silk

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