Eri Silk Scarf

The scarf is named Nari which means from the country. Its 100% hand-spun weave gives the scarf a country and traditional feel. Playful colors and plaids make this product a one of a kind.

Best for winters or rainy seasons, pair it up with your casuals.

Relish in knowing this scraf is made with 100% sustainable Eri silk fabric.


Dimensions: 175.26 x 43.18 cm (69 x 17 inches) | Height x Length |

100% naturally dyed

100% hand spun Eri silk

100% Naturally dyed with turmeric, iron ore and the cream white color is the natural Eri silk yarn

100% organic mordant

Nari - Muezart
Nari Eri silk shawl | Muezart
Nari Eri silk shawl | Muezart
Nari Eri Silk Shawl Handwoven Natural Dyed with Plants for Color - 100% Hand Spun Eri Silk

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