Rynsan Eri Silk Scarf For Women

This scarf is inspired by the rich light maroon color of a flower. Rynsan means a platform, a platform for our weavers in Khasi. This beautiful flower blooms during the winter season on the crevice of the mountains of Meghalaya.

Wear what you stand for in knowing this scarf is made with 100% sustainable fibers and colors.

What is so special about the Eri silk Rynsan silk scarf?

  • Eri silk is hydrophilic, which means it has high absorbency and is extremely breathable, making it preferable during summers.
  • Also, due to its low conductivity, warm air is kept close to the skin, which makes this silk scarf desirable even in winters!


Dimensions: 185.42 x 73 cm ( 73 x 17 inches) | Height x Length |

100% naturally dyed

A Women Wearing an purple  silk scarf in a winter evening near a green field in Shillong - Get The best scarf for women from Muezart India
An Orange Silk Scarf Made from Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Get this head silk scarf today from Muezart

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