Roving fiber bundle for spinners with Free Cocoon Cakes | Eri silk

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The natural color of this soft roving is the fiber that artisans are looking for. The protein fiber is fantastic for dying with plant-based dyes. Spinners love getting their hands on this ready to spin fiber. Not to mention the sustainable story behind this popular peace silk.

Eri silk cakes are washed cocoons that have been flattened and are ready to spin, can be carded and use for soap making, felting and craft's project.


  • 100% undyed organic Eri silk roving silk and cocoon cakes.
  • 100% natural degummed and very clean Eri silk roving silk and cocoon cakes.
  • Weight: 1 Kg Roving fiber & 50g Cocoon cakes.
  • Soft and comfortable to spin.
Eri silk roving and free cocoon cakes | Muezart
Eri silk roving | Muezart
Free Eri silk cocoon cakes | Muezart

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