Eri Muga Silk Yarn | 2 ply Handspun Worsted | 100g

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The Eri Muga worsted weight yarn is 50% Eri and 50% Muga. This worsted yarn is super delicate, is very smooth, and has a subtle golden glow.  

This worsted yarn is preferred by beginners and it can also be used as a knitting worsted yarn.  Our MUGA Eri silk yarn has a very golden-ish glow, which is super smooth and soft too. 

What can you create with Eri Muga yarn?   

  • Can be used as knitting worsted yarn  
  • Can be used as macrame yarn  
  • As an accent yarn in tapestry weaving 
  •  Knitted silk sweaters 

And so much more!  

What is so special about this yarn?  

  • The 100% natural color and texture of the yarn 
  • Super smooth and strong 
  • Incredibly versatile- an all-season yarn 
  • It is hypoallergenic (non-itchy and breathable)  

100% Natural fiber color undyed Eri silk Knitter's yarn
Hand spun with a drop spindle
Weight: 100g
Yardage: 85 yards (approx)
Needle size: 8 US | 5.0 mm 

Eri silk is a durable fabric. We recommend a variety of ways to wash and care for your product in: How to wash silk, specifically, handwoven Eri silk?
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Eri Muga Roving Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart
Close-up of Eri Muga Roving Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart
Eri Muga Roving Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart
Close-up of Eri Muga Roving Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart