Eri Chenille

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Chenille in French means Caterpillar. It refers to the fuzzy surface of the yarn resembling the hairy look of a Caterpillar. The beauty of a Chenille yarn is the pile on its surface making it very soft and fuzzy.

Chenille, when woven or knitted, gives the look of a beautiful velvet fabric with its soft smooth piled texture especially with our Eri silk since it's a natural insulator fiber that helps maintain body temperature in cool or warm weather conditions so, whether you knit or weave a fabric our Eri Chenille is very versatile with any products you made.


  • 100% natural fibers color undyed Chenille
  • Weight: 100 gms 
  • Yardage: 500 yards (approx) 
  • Care: Dry clean. If hand or machine-washed, it should be machine-dried using low heat, or as a heavy textile, dried to avoid stretching, never hang.
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