Yarn | Natural dyed pink Eri silk 100g

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Meghalaya has a secret pink power in lac. Lac is an insect found in the forest. The insect's secretion makes this beautiful color that is so well absorbed on Eri Silk. The fiber is known as one of the most durable fabrics in the world. The cotton-like behavior of eri has a rougher texture and is heavier than other silks but it can be spun into finer and shinier material. 

The more it is worn, the softer it gets, and it is a great textile to weave with. This is the popular peace silk yarn artists are talking about. Its texture, especially when woven with hand spun yarn, is profoundly beautiful – always changing with the charismatic touch of imperfection.

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  • 100Mill spun fine eri silk 
  • Weight -100 gms 
  • Yarn count: 60/2
  • Naturally dyed with lac and sohkhu leaves

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