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Eri Silk Scarf

This scarf is named Lilium from the color inspiration derived from a lily flower. The exciting look of blocking with natural colors on the shawl brings out its nature-inspired rhythm.

Connect with the story behind this eri silk scarf. 


Dimensions: 204 x 40 cm (80.3 x 15.7 Inches)

50% hand spun Eri Silk

50% finely spun Eri Silk

100% naturally dyed 


Hand wash with gentle soap. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Full care instructions.

Packed in bamboo with soap nuts in a bag to wash the scarf naturally. 



Eri Silk Scarf Hand Woven Natural Dyed Color - Block Color Hand Spun Peace Silk
Perfect Peace Silk Gift Eri Silk Scarf Hand loom hand made natural color

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