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Eri Silk Shawl

This shawl collection is named Samshi which means “Grass” inspired by nature this is a shawl collection includes vibrant colors of green and yellow. 

Connect with the story behind this shawl. Wear what you stand for in knowing this shawl is made with 100% sustainable fibers and natural plant-based dye color. 



Light Green: 191 x 63 Cm (75.1 x 24.8 Inches)

Light Yellow: 173 x 59 Cm (68.1 x 23.2 Inches)

50% hand spun Eri Silk

50% finely spun Eri Silk

100% Naturally dyed with onion skin and turmeric

100% organic mordant


Hand wash with gentle soap. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
How to wash and care for my eri silk product


eri silk peace silk shawl sustainable silk
eri silk peace silk shawl sustainable silk

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