Eri silk sliver | Natural undyed silk fiber for spinning, blending, felting

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Meghalaya is the land of Eri silk cocoons. The tradition of spinning and weaving is slowly fading in our region of Northeast India. We see an opportunity. That is why we are bringing out this special 100% Eri silk sliver. When customers buy this unique silk yarn traditions are revived and villages prosper.

The natural color of this soft sliver is the fiber that artisans are looking for. The protein fiber is fantastic for dying with plant-based dyes. Spinners love getting their hands on this ready to spin fiber. Not to mention the sustainable story behind this popular peace silk

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  • 100% Natural degummed and very clean sliver silk.
  • An undyed sliver from Eri silk cocoons
  • Weight - 1-5 Kg. Each sliver is 100 gms.

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