Yarn | Hand dyed natural monarch orange Eri silk 100g

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If fluttering colorful wings of butterflies have always charmed you then this splendid color inspired by the indescribable beauty of a monarch butterfly will surely leave you mesmerized.   
Naturally dyed with native Sohkhu leaves, Lac, and turmeric. These natural ingredients are so well absorbed by Eri silk yarn. The 60/2 makes a finer durable yarn that is soft with a rustic texture. 

Eri silk yarn responds to each plant-based color differently. The cotton-like behavior of Eri has a rougher texture and is heavier than other silks but it can be spun into finer and shinier material. Tell us what type of yarn you are looking for.  

The more Eri silk is worn and washed, the softer it gets. It is a great textile to weave with. This is the popular peace silk yarn artists are talking about. Its texture, especially when woven with handspun yarn, is profoundly beautiful – always changing with the charismatic touch of imperfection.


  • 100Mill spun Eri silk 
  • Weight: 1-5 Kg (Fine Lace). Each hank is 100g
  • Yardage: 2000 yards (approx)
  • Yarn count: 60/2
  • Plant-based dye: native Sohkhu leaves, Lac, and turmeric
  • Needles: 00-1 US size
  • Gauge: 18-20 sts / 10cm (4'') and 32 rows
  • Care: Handwash with mild detergent

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