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Keynote Sample Use: Depicting the Stages of an Internal Audit in a Keynote Slide

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Internal Audits are synonymous with fear, apprehension and confusion. While managers and their higher-ups are aware of the process, often their one-downs are in the dark. Conducting a presentation just before the audit with the entire team helps a lot. The team is more aware of the stages of the audit and what is expected of them. It also enables them to ask questions and clarify doubts before the audit is conducted.

Muezart Action Steps: 3D Arrows

Action Steps 3D Arrows Keynote Apple

An Example of How to Use Action Steps: 3D Arrows

Sample use of 3D Arrows Step Diagram

Muezart shows you how the Editable Keynote 3D Arrows can be used by managers to create awareness among the team regarding the various stages of the Audit. This will also help them address any doubts or concerns that the team might have. The arrows have been resized, text added and colors redone to grab immediate attention.

Other Muezart products which can be creatively used to illustrate Internal Audits Stages:

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