Eri Silk

A Fingering Yarn - 15/3

At Muezart We Do Everything On Purpose

We are regenerating the entire Eri silk ecosystem with our own people from Meghalaya, India. The women in the villages have been raising Eri silkworms, hand processing cocoons, spinning yarn, and creating handmade products their entire lives. Your purchase keeps alive these ancient traditions of our forefathers. Our connection with women, like Kong Tharina is one way we are #FlourishingTogether

Eri silk worms feeding on castor leaves | Muezart

Eri Silkworms

Meghalaya, a northeast state in India is a native region of a special kind of silkworm. These worms have been spinning Eri silk cocoons in our land for hundreds of years.

Kong Tmung | A maker at Muezart

Eri Silk Cocoons

Our spinners spin Eri silk from cocoons and they prefer a drop spindle since it is quick and easy to start and stop. Handspun yarn is our spinner's yarn of choice.

Eri silk undyed Yarn | Muezart

Eri Silk Yarn

We love Eri silk because it is sustainable fabric used and worn by our own people of Meghalaya. Our land is home to the entire eco-system of Eri silk. We want you to feel our Eri Silk and see how special it is.

Eri Silk

A Fingering Yarn - 15/3

Why Our Customers Love Eri Silk?

I love it!! The feel, the hand, the drape, the texture, it’s gorgeous!! I can’t wait to order more! Also I can’t wait to see how it takes natural dyes.

Patricia E.

This silk is gorgeous. It helps to see the natural beauty of these colours up close. Can't wait to plan my next project with these.

Lisa W.

Preserve Tradition

Your purchase regenerates a Meghalaya tradition of women weavers who raise cocoons, hand spin yarn, and naturally dye the world’s most sustainable silk.