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Eri: A Surprisingly Different Herritage Silk

Regenerating a Little-Known Silk and the People Who Make It

For generations, the Khasi people of Meghalaya have worn the rare, luxurious Eri silk with pride.

We are reviving the local age-old tradition of silkworm rearing, hand-spinning, and using natural dyes. New yarn varieties are emerging from the hands of our spinners. Meaningful work is helping local villages flourish.

Three Types of Yarn

Handspun Yarn

In Meghalaya, our spinners prefer a drop spindle for spinning Eri silk. It is easy to control how much twist is inserted into the fiber. Each skein is spun for a unique coarseness or softness. Since most of our spinners are mothers and grandmothers, spindle spinning make it easy and quick to start and stop throughout their busy day.

Muezart is on a mission to keep this tradition alive. We encourage hand spinning with a drop spindle that is slowly fading in our region of Northeast India. A mother can keep her household and farming responsibilities intact and make a supplemental income by spinning Eri silk yarn. Using a drop spindle or takli she will easily complete a 100 gram skein each week.


Naturally Dyed Yarn

We can’t help but boast about the small green footprint of our naturally dyed Eri silk yarn. We only use local organic ingredients. The entire supply chain of a hand dyed skein of yarn uses dyeing methods that are applied at the village level. The ingredients for mordant and color are plant based and sourced from the dyers own home garden, land, or forest. The plants are perennials and many grow in abundance throughout the year.

Meghalaya is one of the few places using plants for mordanting, fixing colors, which makes it challenging, but interesting and unique from others – most natural dyers use alum (potassium aluminum sulphate). Reference: 


Mill Spun Yarn

The temperate hills of Meghalaya India make our state one of the top suppliers of Eri silk cocoons. Muezart is expanding this age-old tradition of silkworm rearing to remote off-the-road villages. Entrepreneurial opportunities are being created with this high value, low volume, light weight, easy to carry product. Cocoons make a perfect product to carry out of the villages located deep in the hills and canyons.

We dream of having our own spinning mill. Until then, we develop yarns with a mill located in another state. We have a professional relationship with the mill. We know that they maintain fair pay to their employees. No toxic chemicals are used in the mills processing or storing of Eri silk yarn.


A Regenertive Silk

Over the past decade, Eri Silk has come to the forefront with makers wanting to be more conscious about their yarn choice. You’ll love Muezart’s Eri Silk yarn. Because we believe it is a fiber has the smallest 
Because raising Eri silkworms is a regenerative process. And because we only use natural dyes.

A Silk Yarn Like No Other

Eri silk yarn collection naturally dyed with plant based dyes | Muezart

For Knitters & Weavers Alike

We have a wide range of Eri silk yarns. Our yarns start from lace weight to worsted. As a natural protein fiber Eri silk has a unique insulation property which makes it versatile for textile artist to use the fiber in knitting, crocheting and weaving products. This short staple spun fiber gives a rustic effect on both the handwoven and hand knitted products. 

eri silk apparel handwoven and handmade | Muezart

A Yarn for All Climates

Eri silk is extremely flexible in nature that makes the texture different compared to the other silk. It can be spun evenly or unevenly; in coarse or very fine counts, which creates the elegance of silk, the comfort of cotton, and warmth of wool. Eri Silk has excellent thermal properties, that make it warm in winter and cool in summer.

Eri silk yarn collection naturally dyed with plant based dyes | Muezart

Works with Natural Dyes

Indie dyers love Eri silk since it is hydrophilic, a fiber that loves water and can absorb a lot of it. Eri is well known to be the most absorbent silk that works very well with natural dyeing. We have a range of Merino and Eri silk blended yarns. This blended yarn captures plant-based dyes beautifully.

Feels Good On You

When you purchase a skein of Eri silk yarn you are saying yes to regenerating a Meghalaya tradition of women raising silkworms that form the beautiful white fluffy Eri silk cocoon. You can feel good about wearing the world’s most sustainable silk.

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