Handloom tours: A cultural tourism experience

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2020-2021: Experience an artisanal handloom tour

Muezart is launching tours and experiences to visit handloom villages in Meghalaya, Northeast India.

You may be the first lucky traveler to experience one of the few off the beaten path regions left on the planet. You will stay in and experience tribal villages in the beautiful hilly remote region of Northeast India. In some way you may even play a part in creating village opportunities and help revive a fading sustainable cultural tradition of weaving eri silk textiles.

We anticipate that Muezart’s cultural experiences will attract adventurers who will leave their colder climates of Northern Europe or North American and travel to Northeast India for a 3 – 7 day tour. We guarantee you will return with memories and connections never to be forgotten.
In addition, we are confident that the villagers who interact with our travel guests will be inspired to go to their looms and create. We want to do nothing less than start a movement that revives and regenerates villages in their eco-friendly and sustainable tribal traditions.
Our tours are not for everyone, but for the few who don’t mind roughing it. For singles, couples, families or friends who are willing to be immersed in a new culture and for those interested in the eco-system around handloom weavers and artisan traditions.
Since this travel experience is part of a local startup selling sustainable clothing products participants will get to engage with a young local energetic team. Time can be set aside for visiting the city of Shillong.
kids of Mehgalaya | Muezart Weavers of Meghalaya | Muezart

10 Reasons to consider this trip

  1. Interact and learn natural dying, weaving, rearing of eri silk cocoons from villagers.
  2. Discover tribal groups who maintain their unique
    matrilineal culture.
  3. Enjoy a nice climate especially for tourist escaping the ice-cold winter.
  4. Buy Eri silk directly from weavers or order custom made products and have them shipped.
  5. Experience hikes or walks through the pristine hilly region of India that few tourists have seen.
  6. Hike and collect plants from the forest to eat or make natural dyes.
  7. Benefit from our local English-speaking team of experts.
  8. Go someplace not overrun by tourists.
  9. Select your level of adventure from camping to 'glamping' to staying in villagers’ homes.
  10. Buy and connect – be involved in something that will regenerate and make a difference.

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