Erida | Handspun DK 2 Ply | Undyed 100g

With Erida 2 ply double knitting yarn, we can assure you that you can get the best handspun yarn projects. 

Since the practice of spinning with a drop spindle is slowly fading away, we offer our Erida 2 ply handspun worsted yarn; and you can get the best stitches for your handspun yarn projects.  

The best part is that this yarn is a way to revive the old traditions of Meghalaya.  

How is the yarn spun? 

This yarn has been spun directly from cocoon cakes using a drop spindle, which gives it a very natural and rustic texture, along with its unique matte sheen.  

What can be made with this yarn? 

  • Handspun silk scarf 
  • Silk Shawls 
  • Silk Socks 
  • Silk Beanies 
  • Silk Scarves  

And the list goes on! Let your imaginations fly.  

What is so special about Erida 2 ply handspun worsted yarn 

  • The 100% natural color of the yarn 
  • The yarn is smooth and incredibly 
  • Incredibly versatile- an all-season yarn 
  • It is hypoallergenic (non-itchy and breathable)  

Download the free patterns you can create using this yarn.

Undyed Handspun Yarn From Eri Silk - Best Yarn For Crochet - Best Yarn For Knitting - Hand Knitting Yarn - Silk Yarn
Close up of Eri silk cocoon handspun worsted DK | Muezart

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