Eri Embroidery Threads | Combo Pack of 12 Colors

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Our natural hand-dyed embroidery thread is tightly twisted, has a beautiful texture, and behaves like Perle cotton. It is a 2-ply thread that results in giving your project a textured effect. 

Our unique Eri silk embroidery thread combo is hand-dyed using plant-based ingredients.

These beautiful embroidery threads are S-twisted and work great on a rustic middleweight fabric or light, thin fabric. These embroidery thread spools are made from bamboo and are naturally processed.

What can you make with our Embroidery Threads?

There are various uses of embroidery threads for your embroidery projects.
Using our 2 ply embroidery thread combo, you can create a lovely, uniform finish for your designs. These threads are suitable for cross stitch, crewel embroidery, freestyle embroidery. needlepoint, etc.

Read this blog and find out more about what you can make using our embroidery threads.

Where can we use embroidery designs?

Embroidery is usually seen on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, dresses, stockings, and golf shirts-,and sometimes on a project which will be displayed as art on the wall.

Combo Pack of 12 Colours

Our Eri silk embroidery thread combo includes 12 colors:-

1. Azalea Pink

2.Smoky Gray

3.Cherry Malt

4.Fern Green


6.Monarch Orange

7.Moss Green

8.Sterling Grey

9.Sunglow Yellow

10.Charcoal Grey

11.Natural White

12. Indigo Blue

For custom orders, please contact us.

Length: Each embroidery thread is 9 meters long.

Eri silk is a durable fabric. We recommend a variety of ways to wash and care for your product in: How to wash silk, specifically, handwoven Eri silk?
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Eri Embroidery Threads | Combo Pack of 11 Colors
Eri Embroidery Threads | Combo Pack of 11 Colors
Embroidery Kit Eri Silk
Eri Embroidery Threads | Combo Pack of 11 Colors
Eri Embroidery Threads | Combo Pack of 11 Colors
Embroidery Kit Eri Silk