Eri Muga Top - 1kg

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The Eri Muga silk roving fiber is 100% mill spun, where the Eri Silk and Muga fibers are blended to create a subtle matte golden shade.

Eri Muga silk roving yarn spins beautifully and blends well with other natural fibers. It is incredibly strong and is resistant to pilling.

This silk roving fiber can be used for spinning, weaving, carding, dyeing, paper making, and blending.
The tradition of spinning and weaving is slowly fading in our region of Northeast India.

 That is why we are bringing out this special 70% Eri silk roving, 30% Muga fiber.

What is the Eri MUGA silk roving made of?

Our Eri Muga Silk-blend Roving is made from Eri B Grade cocoons (70%) and Muga Waste cocoons (30%)

This silk roving yarn is formed after the cocoons are degummed separately, and a machine is used to blend the fibers into a uniform consistent mixture.

The Eri MUGA silk roving fibers can be used for making various yarn types. The texture of the yarn is slubby because of the short fibers.

The shade of this natural and hand-dyed silk roving is the fiber that artisans are looking for.

The Eri MUGA silk protein fiber is fantastic for spinners who love getting their hands on this ready-to-spin fiber. Not to mention the sustainable story behind this popular Eri silk. 

    Eri muga sliver | Natural muga fiber for roving, spinning, felting, carding, blending
    Eri Muga Roving 200g - Muezart
    Eri Muga Roving 200g - Muezart
    Eri muga sliver uses | Natural muga fiber for roving, spinning, felting, carding, blending

    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica S.
    Muezart doesn't disappoint!

    Muezart doesn't disappoint!

    HI Jessica,

    Thank you for taking your time to give us a review.
    Glad you loved the product.
    Hoping you'll shop from us soon! :)


    Tatyana T.
    Great fiber!

    I love the quality of the fiber and fast shipment. Will purchase again.

    Thank you for the review :)
    We try to deliver all our orders on time.


    Cathe S.
    Beautiful Silk

    This silk is a beautiful fiber to work with. Its flaxen gold color and rustic luster add a new dimension to the yarn. The longer fibers from the Muga silk strengthen the shorter fibers of the Eri silk sliver making it easier to spin a thinner yarn.

    Chantelle L.
    Amazing Eri Muga Sliver

    the most amazing, clean, and well-blended sliver. it spins like a dream, and makes beautiful, soft golden yarn with a lovely sheen. thank you Muezart :blush:

    Thank you Chantelle :)
    We're glad you liked it

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