Yarn | Natural Color of Eri Silk 100g

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Meghalaya is well known for Eri Silk or Ryndia. The natural color of this yarn makes a classic handwoven fabric. The fiber of this silk has cotton-like behavior. Eri has a rougher texture and is heavier than other silks but it can be spun into finer and shinier material. 

The more it is worn, the softer it gets, and it is a great textile to weave with. This is the popular peace silk yarn makers are talking about. Its texture, especially when woven with hand spun yarn, is profoundly beautiful – always changing with the charismatic touch of imperfection. 


  • 100% Natural fiber color of Eri silk yarn 
  • 100% Fine mill spun Eri silk 
  • Weight -100 gms 
  • Yarn count: 20/2 and 60/2

Natural eri silk yarn 100% peace silk yarn used for vegan clothing 20/2 | sustainable silk yarn
Peace silk yarn | Eri silk yarn | 100% vegan silk yarn | sustainable silk yarn 60/2

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