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It’s always the right time to start a new spinning project. This buttery soft, cloudy, and sumptuous fiber will leave you mesmerized. Our Eri silk top fiber can be a perfect choice for making light, breathable garments you can wear on warmer days and layer in chilly weather. 

The long fibers of Eri Silk Top make it easy to spin a fine, lacy, and lightweight yarn for weaving and Fingering, DK, and worsted for Knitting 

This fiber can also be used for spinning, weaving, carding, dyeing, paper making, blending with other fibers, and felting.  

Meghalaya is the land of Eri silk cocoons. The tradition of spinning and weaving is slowly fading in our region of Northeast India. That is why we want more makers to spin with this special 100% Eri silk top.

Our Eri Silk Top is made from the long fiber of the A-grade cocoon. It has a beautiful sheen. Wait till you get your hands on this easy-to-spin longer staple. This fiber has been processed in the mill where the cocoons are separated into A grade and B grade and waste cocoons. After the cocoons are degummed a machine will separate the long and short fiber for making various yarn types.

The natural color of this soft silk top is the fiber that artisans are looking for. The protein fiber is fantastic for dying with plant-based dyes. Spinners love getting their hands on this longer ready-to-spin fiber.

    100% Natural degummed and very clean silk top.
    An undyed silk tops from Eri silk cocoons
    Weight -1 Kg. Each Top is 200g. An additional 10g free cocoon cakes are added to the customer who buys this fiber.
    Yardage: 44 yards
    Eri silk is a durable fabric. We recommend a variety of ways to wash and care for your product in: How to wash silk, specifically, handwoven Eri silk?
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    Eri silk tops wholesale | Muezart
    Eri silk tops | Muezart
    Eri silk tops wholesale | Muezart
    Eri silk tops wholesale | Muezart