Eri Top | 2 Ply Handspun Worsted Yarn | 100g

Our Eri top handspun yarn has been spun directly from our Eri silk cocoon sheets.  

It is also a handspun art yarn that feels cooler than cotton and is sustainably sourced from our artisans.  

What can you create with Eri top handspun yarn 

  • Lightweight silk sweaters 
  • Handspun scarf 
  • Silk Mufflers 
  • Silk shawls 
  • Silk dresses 
  • Silk tops 

What does Eri's top worsted yarn feel like? 

With this yarn, you can get the best knitting patterns for handspun yarn. It has a beautiful textural mixture of wool and a cottony feeling which is perfect for all your knitting and crochet projects. 

What is so special about Eri top handspun worsted yarn 

  • The 100% natural color of the yarn 
  • The yarn is smooth and strong 
  • Incredibly versatile- an all-season yarn 
  • It is hypoallergenic (non-itchy and breathable)  

 Download the free patterns you can create using this yarn.

Eri Tops Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart
Close-up of Eri Tops Worsted 2 Ply Yarn | Muezart

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