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This scarf is inspired by the rich colors of maroon in both the wrap and the weft. Lai means three, signifying three colors that are used to make this scarf. This beautiful flower blooms during the winter season on the crevice of the mountains of Meghalaya.

Connect with the story behind this shawl. Wear what you stand for in knowing this shawl is made with 100% sustainable fibers and colors created from a plant-based dye process.


Dimensions:183 x 38 cm ( 72 x 15 Inches)

100% naturally dyed 


Handwash with gentle soap. Do not dry in direct sunlight.
How to wash and care for my Eri silk product

Packed in bamboo with soap nuts in a bag to wash the scarf naturally.

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Eri silk scarf | Lai | Muezart

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