Lyoh Eri Silk Scarf For Women


Our Eri silk Lyoh Eri silk scarf is named Lyoh, which means ‘’Clouds’’ in the Khasi language.
Its name is inspired by the ever-changing weather of Meghalaya which one can experience 4 seasons in a day. Gray color depicts moodiness and creates a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world.

Relish in knowing this scarf is made with 100% sustainable fibers. Colors come from lac and use a plant-based dye process.

This scarf is warp with our 60/2 Eri silk yarn and weft with our Handspun Eri silk yarn.


Dimensions:  187 x 38 cm (74 x 15 inches)

50% hand-spun Eri silk

50% finely spun Eri silk

100% Naturally dyed with iron ore

100% organic mordant

A grey Colour Silk Scarf Made from Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Get this head silk scarf today from Muezart - Wear this beautiful scarf on important occasions
A Women Wearing a gray silk scarf in a winter evening near a green field in Shillong - Get The best scarf for women from Muezart India

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