Raw Eri Silk Cocoons | 1kg

Meghalaya is the land of Eri silk cocoons.

And since the tradition of spinning and weaving is slowly fading in Northeast India, we are bringing out this special 100% raw Eri silk moth cocoons.

Eri silk cocoons cakes are degummed ones, that have been flattened and are basically the unraveling of silk cocoons- making it ready to be spun into fibres.
Eri Silk is also known for its special properties with its low conductivity and thermal properties making it an all-weather yarn.

 So, whether you wish to amp up your summer closet or the winter one, Eri silk can play both characters. 

What can you make from raw silk cocoons? 

The Eri silk thread from the cocoon is mainly used for spinning yarn.

 This ready-to-spin fibre can be pre-draft which makes it easy to control the twist and size of your yarn choice while spinning.

The Eri silk raw silk moth cocoons can be carded and used for soap making, felting, and other craft projects. 

What’s it like to work with these raw Eri silk cocoons? 

Our hand-processed spinning silk cocoons are excellent for novice spinners. Easy to work with, very versatile, and works great for other craft fibres.  

Raw Eri Silk Cocoons | 200g - Muezart

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