Undyed | Eri Silk 15/3 | 1 Kg

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Our 15/3 yarn is 100% Eri silk which is a great yarn for crochet and knitting hand-made lace clothes.

Eri Silk is a natural yarn that is soft, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

It is an all-season yarn for all your knitting projects or crochet projects.

You may have experienced using wool or other types of 
fiber to knit beanie or a sweaterUse this 15/3 Eri silk in your next project and it will leave you mesmerized. Groovy thermal properties will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Soft and gentle on your skin keeps the itch away.  

This yarn is slightly thinner than fingering yarn but the slubbiness of this yarn makes a great texture for knitting socks, a lace shawl, or even a beanie. One skein will be more than enough to knit a beanie. Or weave a 15 x 75-inch wrap using this yarn in both the warp and weft.  

Indie dyers love dyeing with our super absorbent Eri silk yarnMany prefer to show off the sheer elegance of the natural color of Eri silk. 

Eri silk is antibacterial and its hypoallergenic properties have a natural resistance to dust mites, mold, and fungus in addition to many other allergens.

What’s it like to work with? 

The yarn is easy to work with but needs to unwind the skein by hand. The high quality and the lovely soft feel are what you’re going to expect from this versatile yarn. 
Get Your Crochet Hook and Knitting Yarn And Start Working With Eri Silk Today!

    100Mill spun fine Eri silk
    Weight: 1 Kg (Fingering). Each skein is 100g
    Yardage: 450 - 520 yards (approx)
    Needle Size : 1-3 US
    Hook sz= B, C, D
    Gauge per inch= 6.75-8
    Yarn count: 15/3
    See the ingredients we use to naturally dye our yarn
    Recommended WPI: 20

    Eri silk is a durable fabric. We recommend a variety of ways to wash and care for your product in: How to wash silk, specifically, handwoven Eri silk?
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    15/3 Eri silk yarn | Muezart
    Undyed | Eri Silk 15/3 | 1 Kg
    15/3 Eri silk yarn | Muezart
    Undyed | Eri Silk 15/3 | 1 Kg