Natural Dyed | Eri Silk 60/2 80g


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Our 60/2 yarn is 100% pure Eri Silk. It is a fine-spun lace yarn. It's strong and durable making it the best yarn for weaving or embroidery 
Eri Silk is known for its special properties withs its low conductivity and thermal properties making it an all-weather yarn. So, whether you’re looking for a summer yarn or winter yarn Eri Silk can play both characters.  
If you’re an Indie dyer then there is no doubt, you’re not going to fall in love with this yarn since Eri Silk is known to be the most absorbent silk and can wear any color.  

What can you make with this yarn? 

The 60/2 is a dainty lace yarn mainly use for weaving. This 2-ply yarn fine spun yarn can be used as both weft and warp and takes dye beautifully. It is also a great yarn for embroidery. These threads are S-twisted and work great on a rustic middleweight fabric or light, thin fabric.

Check out our scarves and shawls made from this yarn.

What’s it like to work with? 

The yarn is smooth, strong, and very consistentThe yarn is lightweight and gives a beautiful drape to your woven fabric. 

Please note
The colors of the yarn might vary a little bit from what you see on the screen since all these yarns are naturally dyed by hand. We try our best to present the color as it is.

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    Purple Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Silk Yarn Weaving
    Olive Green Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Silk Yarn Weaving
    Brown Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Silk Yarn Weaving
    Grey Eri Silk Yarn For Weaving - Silk Yarn Weaving
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