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Meghalaya is well known for Eri silk, also known as Ryndia. The fiber of this silk has cotton-like behavior. Eri has a highly durable rougher texture and is heavier than other silks but it can be spun into finer and shinier material. 
Clothes woven in Eri silk get softer with time. This is the popular peace silk yarn makers are talking about. Its texture, especially when woven with handspun yarn, is profoundly beautiful – always changing with the charismatic touch of imperfection. 
This yarn is slightly thinner than fingering yarn but the slubbiness of this particular yarn makes a great texture for socks making, lace shawl and a beanie.
    100Mill spun fine Eri silk
    Weight: 100g (Fingering)
    Yardage: 560 yards (approx)
    Yarn count: 15/3
    See the ingredients we use to naturally dye our yarn
    Recommended WPI: 16
    Eri silk is a durable fabric. We recommend a variety of ways to wash and care for your product in: How to wash silk, specifically, handwoven Eri silk?
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