Hand Dyed Silk Scarves - Can You Afford One?

Hand Dyed Silk Scarves - Can You Afford One?

Handmade, hand-dyed, handwoven: When we hear these descriptions about clothes we take note because we know there will be a high cost associated with the product. We believe the price is worth the story + the beauty of hand dyed scarves. If that didn't convince you, then maybe the impact a purchase has on the women and families of Meghalaya villages will inspire you to read on. 

What's Special About Hand Dyed Silk Scarves

One great thing with natural dye is that it is the purest form of natural color. Whereas synthetic dye is man-made from petrochemicals which can damage the environment.

Natural dyes | MuezartThe majority of natural dyes come from plant sources like bark, berries, roots, and leaves. 

Hand Dyeing Techniques and Tools

Hand Dyeing is closely related to the use of natural dyes. The way an Eri silk yarn changes color when dipped into a vibrant dye bath is truly satisfying to behold. 

The tools we use for hand dyeing consists mainly of aluminum utensils. The ingredients we use are mulberry, madder root, lac, and turmeric.

Hand dyeingSome techniques that we use for hand dyeing are cold water dyeing, warm water dyeing, tie-dye, dip-dye, and mordanting.

Can You Dye Eri Silk?

Yes, you can. Eri silk is less sensitive to temperature and is easier to dye as compared to cotton and wool. But dying it can be risky as the silk filaments can be damaged easily during the dyeing process.

There are numerous ways you can dye Eri silk. Silk dyeing can be a solid colored dyeing or semi-solid colored dyeing.

Silk dyeingHere at Muezart we strongly believe in natural dyeing. Synthetic dyes like the use of reactive dyes, acid dyes, and metal complex dyes severely damage the environment because they contain a certain level of toxicity content and will cause water pollution in the process and when washing.

Silk Scarves for Fashion, Warmth, and Sustainability

A scarf is an accessory that most people use both in fashion as well as for warm clothing.  

Handmade dyed eri silk scarfs

It has been a long-lasting fashion trend that has been going on for hundreds of years, ranging from inexpensive fabrics to luxurious silk.

Scarfs offer more than just fashion and warmth. Naturally, dyed Eri silk scarfs are sustainable and can help the environment by having a slow fashion feature.

Our hand-dyed scarves can help you fight the cold weather while yet being eco-friendly when washing. Not only are the dyes earth-friendly, but the material is woven with the most sustainable silk in the world. If you buy a Muezart scarf, you say yes to an earth-friendly beautiful slow-made, plant dyed, hand-loom textile.  


Give Your Support for Sustainable Fashion and Say No to Fast Fashion

Fast fashion can be inexpensive, readily available, and have abundance stock, but it causes a huge environmental impact and health hazard.

"Globally, 80 billion pieces of new clothing are purchased each year, translating to $1.2 trillion annually for the global fashion industry. The majority of these products are assembled in China and Bangladesh, while the United States consumes more clothing and textiles than any other nation in the world.

Approximately 85 percent of the clothing Americans consume, nearly 3.8 billion pounds annually, is sent to landfills as solid waste, amounting to nearly 80 pounds per American per year."(Source

Sustainable clothing and slow fashionSustainable fashion, on the other hand, is more durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. It not only creates a sense of being environmentally responsible but also being socially responsible.

4 Ways You Can Show Your Support for Sustainable Fashion

  1. Recycle old clothing
  2. Support slow fashion brands and avoid fast fashion clothing
  3. Exchange old clothes with friends and family
  4. Choose quality clothing and avoid buying cheap garments made out of synthetic fabrics 
  5. Support artisans of Muezart: Buy a hand-dyed silk scarf

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