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Regenerate a little-known silk and the women who make it

You love creating. You cherish skills passed down… grandmothers to mothers. Mothers to sons and daughters. This is our story too. ​Yet, there’s so much that has disappeared, and a lot that will soon.

We’re changing that!

We're connecting conscious makers like you to our Eri silk fiber and traditions.​

We Are Writing To You From Meghalaya

The Home of Eri Silk

About Meghalaya

Eri Silk Is A Regenerative Silk Everyone Is Talking About

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The process of rearing Eri silk

With Our Eri Silk You Can Do:

1. Knitting
2. Weaving
3. Crocheting
4. Spining
5. Felting
6. Blending with other fibers
7. Carding
8. And others like Paper making, soap making etc.

When You Buy Eri Silk You Are:

Going Natural

You are one step closer into a circular economy by using a handmade Eri silk. Eri silk has the lowest carbon footprint among most silk.

Eri Silk Fiber

Preserving Tradition

Your purchase regenerates a tradition of women weavers in Meghalaya who raise cocoons, hand spin yarn, and naturally dye Eri silk.

COnsciously Made

Flourishing Together

You join us in our efforts to create positive change through conscious business with handmade silk which makes you win and our weavers win.

Connect & Flourish

We believe in going beyond profit.

We’re all about creating opportunities that transform women’s lives. 

By creating new uses and markets for slow made, handmade Eri silk yarn and fiber we are reviving age-old traditions found in the villages of Meghalaya India. 

Like these inspired and curious Ri Bhoi women seeing the products that were made from the cocoons they sold to Muezart. 

What Makes Us Different​?

1. We’re locals who are invested in our own people. We speak the language, we’re at the source. There’s no middle-man.

2. We are locally known as a fair, ethical, and innovative business. Everyone benefits: customer, maker, and Muezart​

3. We hand pick every woman leader because of her belief in reviving the Eri silk traditions of Meghalaya.

4. We’re into natural. Every cocoon is processed naturally and by hand. No electricity or machinery is used. Our dye ingredients are plant based and locally grown and gathered.

5. Our flagship product has a small carbon footprint. Each Eri silk cocoon comes from a circular supply chain within a small village radius.

6. We’re regenerative. We are a small team developing and learning every day. Our classroom is the village and we learn from you, our customer.

Giving Eri silk eggs to our weavers | Muezart
Villages of Meghalaya, India that is rearing Eri silk | Muezart

Impacting Remote Villages

We are on a mission to introduce silkworm rearing to remote villages. The Eri silk cocoon is a high value, easy to carry, light weight product.

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