Seek Intention not Attention

Hand Loom Eri Silk

World's most sustainable silk from Meghalaya

When You Buy a Muezart Product 3 Things Happen:

1. Embrace nature

You wear a story of nature hand woven into a fabric. You say yes to an earth friendly beautiful slow-made, plant dyed, hand-loom textile. 

Natural Dyed

2. Preserve tradition

Your purchase regenerates a Meghalaya tradition of women weavers who raise cocoons, hand spin yarn, and naturally dye the world’s most sustainable silk.  

Sustainable Eri Silk

3. Flourish locally

We believe a conscious business can create change for good. Come visit us and experience change with our team of local entrepreneurs.

connect & Flourish

Peace Silk

The conscious consumer, the socially concerned, and the optimistic maker are betting on this fabric.
...and so are we!

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