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We believe business can solve problems

A business with a conscious purpose can impact the lives of all the people who are associated with it. We believe in the power of connecting like-minded people who have a desire to make alternative choices that result in new opportunities for others. We started making those choices in January 2019. That’s when we discovered weavers all over our beautiful state of Meghalaya. Women who are rearing cocoons, spinning Eri, naturally dying with plants, and hand weaving fabric. We can’t wait for you to meet these talented women. See a showcase of their creations. Experience their joy of work.

hand spinning organic cotton to weave a traditional Khasi baby wrap

Revive traditions so the future can flourish

We aim to revive traditions with an alternative approach. How? Our small team from Northeast India is getting regenerated as we work together to solve a problem for our own people. Handspun organic fiber and the handloom artisan livelihood will disappear for lack of a market. This is our moment. It is our time to regenerate hundreds of villages. We have taken the risk to invest and restore: rearing cocoons, hand spinning, and naturally dying Eri fiber. We invite you to collaborate with us by purchasing a one-of-a-kind, slow-made, hand-made product. Or better, experience this grass-roots venture with a visit to the source. We want to meet you. In turn, we will flourish together with fun talented weaving women.

Muezart teams up with Rhi Bhoi weavers to learn natural dyeing of eri silk

Collaborate with artisans and create change

The world of conscious consumers is increasing. Our purchases can impact the change we hope to see.

Mindful consumers want to:

  • Wear a story they can be proud of
  • Seek an alternative to fast fashion, and
  • Stand for a deeper identity.

If this is your desire, know that behind every Muezart product is a sincere mission to be responsible and fair. We commit to a long-term difference in the lives of weavers and their families. Not by sponsoring or donating; but by building a healthy sustainable ethical business. We call this Profit with Purpose: Building long-term trusting relationships through work that releases entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, and lasting prosperity.

We have a track record

14 years ago, Northeast India was considered remote and off the traveler’s map. The cities lacked infrastructure and professional job opportunities. This was when our parent company, Chillibreeze, launched. Overcoming obstacles and growing organically was how the company prospered. Chillibreeze has proven that a hard-working values-based business can release the underutilized potential of local people. By providing professional services to some of the world’s best fortune 500 companies Chillibreeze created purpose and prosperity through business excellence. This same vision is now being extended through Muezart.

Connect with us on a journey to discover more about eri silk and how joy of work can create a positive impact on the lives of communities of Meghalaya.

Connect if you believe in sustainable slow fashion - eri silk hand made

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