We’re Writing To You From Meghalaya

To Tell You the Stories Behind Our Luxury Fiber

Welcome to Meghalaya: The Home of Eri Silk

Our state has an eco-system that makes Eri silk. Eri silk fiber is native to our people and land of Meghalaya, India. In fact, everything from the perennial plants that feed the silkworms.

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Eri Silk Roving Top

The Industrious Women Behind Eri Silk

The women who raise the silkworms process, spin, dye, and weave with this surprisingly different fiber. The silkworm farming is done in village homes using traditional methods. These ancient traditions will die without regeneration and expanding markets for Eri silk. Our weekly newsletter shares behind the scenes.

Eri Has Some Wonderful Qualities

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Eri Silk from Meghalaya

So far, Eri silk has Largely Gone Unnoticed. 
And since Not Many Makers are aware of Eri, this tradition will slowly die.

The Challenges

1. The middlemen who come from the neighboring state to buy the cocoons set the price and profitability for the farmer is meek.

2. Fast Fashion has entered Meghalaya. The younger generation does not see the value of the slow-made, hand-made, eco-friendly fiber.

3. Instead the younger women want to buy fast made synthetic yarns and fabrics from China.

4. The younger women can’t find a market for selling their yarn and handwoven products.

5. Because of low sales, the skill of natural dyeing with plants is not being passed from mother to daughter.

6. Lack of opportunity is causing people to lose hope in this wonderful part of their culture.

We’re Excited, Because Conscious Makers Like You Are Starting to Notice

Eri silk spinners spinning Eri silk | Muezart

Cathe S. - Sumptuous Experience

I’ve been working with Eri silk top and sliver for a few weeks, now, but had never experienced spinning with cocoon cakes. I was actually a little intimidated, so was grateful to find the Eri silk top special with a sample of cocoon cakes. Of all the Eri silk I’ve tried, this, by far is the most beautiful. It has a crispness and structured feel I didn’t expect. And, although it contains both long and short fibers, I found it even easier to spin than the top. It has a rich sheen and an amazing strength. Spin these cocoons is the height of luxury.

Sha - Eri Silk is GORGEOUS!!

 I received my first order of Eri Silk this afternoon and it’s the softest, most beautiful silk I’ve seen! I’ve never felt such soft silk before. My die-hard purest bohemian friends should try spinning yarn with this beautiful roving sliver. They will ❤️ that it’s “peace” silk. I’ve decided I’ll use it for my wet and needle felt Art. Will update the results when I finish. I highly recommend!

Spinner spinning Eri silk Fiber | Muezart