How Rida Upcycled Eri Silk Waste


Want to hear a story from Muezart, our Eri silk studio? On how Rida upcycled Eri Silk waste?

This is a short one and we assure you that you will learn something at the end of this. This will take less than 5 minutes to read.

Meet Rida

This is Rida

Rida carding dyed eri silk waste cocoons

She is an associate in Muezart. Read more about her.

Welcome to Muezart’s Workspace

This is our unit, studio, workspace – anything you want to call it – set in the beautiful city of Shillong the capital of the state of Meghalaya in the northeast part of India. A city known for its undulating hills, with many natural springs and rolling clouds. Not surprising that Meghalaya means the abode (alaya) of the clouds (megh) in Sanskrit, a language of ancient scriptures of India.

Muezart has a single focus – to support Eri silk farmers of the state of Meghalaya. You can read all about how we got started and our mission and what Eri silk is all about.

Shillong, Scotland of the East

Come right in and enjoy a cup of our very own sha (tea) while we tell you how Rida upcycled Eri Silk waste.

sha saw anyone

What is Upcycling?

Many of us know recycling. But what is upcycling? Recycling where the end-product has a higher quality or value than the original is upcycling.

The original in this case was lumpy pieces from Eri silk Cocoon.

The Story of How Rida Upcycled Eri Silk Waste

The story is in two parts – one a blog post and one a video.

  1. Read all about Rida’s efforts at recycling Eri Silk waste and you can see how she created an Eri silk beanie from Eri silk waste.
  2. Here's Rida again explaining how she came up with the idea of upcycling our waste cocoon lying around in our studio. You will hear her speak in Khasi, a language of Meghalaya.

Watch till the end to see what she creates out of it.

rida showing off her creation

We told you this will be a short piece!  Do you have an upcycling story to share? Send it to us through the form below. Or do you have a question for Rida? Or about Eri silk? Ask us.

As we write we are still under lock down for COVID and taking care about social distancing, wearing masks etc. Whichever part of the world you are in please take care and be safe.

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