How to Wash Silk, Specifically Handwoven Eri Silk?

how to wash and care for your eri silk fabric

Did you notice the sachet of soap nuts enclosed when you unpacked your product? It’s a gift from Muezart to You!

We Want You to Know How to Wash Eri Silk!

All Muezart pieces are handwoven, handmade fabrics. Your piece might be created with the natural colors of the Eri silk fiber or colored with 100% natural plant-based dyes. You will notice color variations or fiber flaws in the woven fabric. Differences create the distinctiveness. Handmade singularity requires hand care. We believe you purchased your garment because you identified with the purpose and the pleasure it will extend to you and others.

Handmade Requires Hand-care

We want you to experience how women in the villages across Meghalaya care for their hand-woven Eri silk. Khasi women use nature to care for nature. There are various types of soap nuts that grow on native trees indigenous to our hilly green terrain. Soap nuts, also called soapberries are not literally nuts, but rather the shell of fruit from the Sapindus tree. It is amazing to read about all the uses of soap nuts.

An Eri silk scarf is a treasured possession for a Khasi woman. Eri is one of the most durable and strong natural fibers. As a result, she will wear her shawl for years and years. She may even pass it on to the next generation. She will wash the shawl with the gentle lather of soap nuts.

Can I Machine-wash My Eri Silk?

You can machine-wash undyed Eri silk fabric. We don't recommend doing the same for dyed fabric. See our answers below this clip.

Watch This Clip to See How to Make Your Soap Nut Lather:

Can I Machine-wash My Eri Silk Fabric?

We don't recommend machine-wash your Eri silk fabric. Here are our steps below on how to carefully wash them.

Steps to Wash Silk Handwoven Fabric:

  1. Hand wash separately in cool water
  2. Use soap nuts or only one drop of a very mild pH balanced soap
  3. Let the fabric soak in water for 3-5 minutes
  4. Gently rub to wash the handmade fabric. If you have a food stain, focus the rubbing on that spot
  5. Rinse well in cold water
  6. Do not leave Eri silk or naturally dyed pieces soaking in water for an extended time
  7. Do not wring tightly, to remove the water from the fabric
  8. Do not dry in direct sunlight
  9. Lay flat to dry or dry in shade
  10. Eri silk can be ironed. Test your iron, use medium heat or a thin cotton layer between the silk and your iron. Spray water to remove wrinkles. If your garment has a single layer, then iron directly on the underside
  11. Eri silk can be dry cleaned (we prefer professional wet clean) or spot clean the fabric

Four Things to Notice When Washing Naturally Dyed Eri Silk:

When you received your Eri silk treasure from Muezart; know that it has arrived clean, washed and ironed. Subsequently, a few wrinkles may have appeared as the piece traveled from our store in Shillong, Meghalaya to you!

  1. Natural color adheres to Eri silk fiber in unique ways. Hand-dyed yarn can create different textures on handspun Eri silk.
  2. Color may bleed or color the water. This is normal and natural even though the shawl has been pre-washed.
  3. The natural dye will fade with time. Muezart uses natural mordants to fix the color.
  4. Eri silk gets softer and stronger with time. We learned this special feature of the world's most sustainable silk. Village women proudly showed us the wear of their shawls and how they feel, and how thermal properties get better with time.

Hands-On Look of Our Fabrics Before And After Washing

Dyed and undyed fabrics before and after washing | MuezartOur dyed and undyed fabrics before washing
Our dyed and undyed fabrics after washing | MuezartOur dyed and undyed fabrics after washing

We have shared how we personally care for our Eri silk garments. However, we believe our customers may encounter something new. Tell us your experience. Ask us questions. We want to connect @ so you can improve the good thing we are all a part of.

Let’s Connect and #FlourishTogether

The Muezart Team

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