Khraw - A Muezart Maker – Self-Made Leader Who Enjoys His Work

Very young, very new to the Muezart, yet he was ready to take on a big responsibility. Not something for the weak hearted.

He has since become an important team member of the Muezart team. He builds relationships with Eri silkworm rearer’s and weavers. And, holds some administrative responsibilities too.

Who are we talking about? Meet Khrawpyrkhat Mynsong, an associate at Muezart, who turned 21 in 2018.

Khraw at a home of one of our women partners
Want to know his story? What makes him the person he is? Was he always as confident?

We chatted with Khraw to bring you this narrative.

Before we begin, let us tell you about the big responsibility he took on – he led an Epic Journey.

What is an Epic Journey?

We, the team members of Muezart, are from our state, Meghalaya. We are sons and daughters of the soil and are aware of the rich traditions and resources of our state and know too that much of it is untapped.

We are on a quest to discover how we can revive and regenerate our own people and the land of Meghalaya. Muezart is not a venture that is there only to make money. It exists to grow the people who work for it, make a difference to customers, nurture and grow the Eri silk community in Meghalaya and the local culture.

The mission of Muezart is to discover the untapped talent and natural assets within our local people, around the heritage cottage industry of Eri Silk. How to do that? One way we have identified is through discovery trips we like to refer to as ‘Epic Journeys’.

These field trips are filled with surprises because we never know what we will discover. We go to areas we have never gone to before. Most of the team has roots and a family connection to a remote village. Based on family connections or targeted resources, each journey launches out into a specific region and area of Meghalaya.

We go with faith that we will return richer with knowledge and experience – as our state is like that – a treasure trove of beauty and traditions.

Khraw was the team leader for the first Epic Journey of Muezart! It


was a 3-day trip. Remember he had to map it all out, arrange for food and places to pitch our tents. All this when he was very new in the company. And our CEO was part of the adventurers on the trip too. Can you see that Khraw took on a big responsibility?

Khraw - extreme right leading our first epic trip

Let us now see what Khraw has to say about himself, his job and his life.

Who I Am and What I Do

My full name is Khrawpyrkhat David Mynsong and I was born and brought up in Shillong. I graduated from St. Anthony’s college in the year 2018. My responsibilities in Muezart include sourcing part of the supply chain, relationship building with the artists, logistics and general administration.

Dreams As a Teenager

My dream as a teenager was to be a professional footballer. But my father passed away in 2015. I have two siblings – one older to me – a brother and then my younger sister. I realized then that I could not pursue my dream, my passion, of being a football player. I will have to support my family financially as quickly as possible.

Even while studying I started selling second-hand socks in the market. I used to go for catering too. No job was too small – anything where I could do well and could earn was fine with me.

Can you guess little Khraw

I graduated from St. Anthony's college, Shillong. I studied commerce.

My Family 

My mum grew up in a family of farmers, but now she’s a primary school teacher. My dad was a taxi driver.  Many of my family members, who are staying in the village, are still farmers. From my father’s side there are family members who are into silkworm rearing.

Khraw with his sister, mother and elder brother

My Days As A Young Child 

My life as a young child was simple. Of course, it was not easy since we were not well off. My dad was a Taxi Driver and he tried his best to fulfill the family needs. I was shifted from a good school because we could not afford it. I did not have computer games to play with, like the other kids. I used to always be outside playing hide and seek and some other local games.

From a young age I had an urge to help people and used to be part of some organizations. At the age of 17 I was elected as the President, Vice President, General Secretary of different groups. I was elected as the president of one unit of the youths of our society to lead the youth and for the betterment of the society.

How I Found Muezart

At first, I applied at Chillibreeze, for a position in the finance and accounts department, but was given a position in the administration wing as they felt that communication was my strength. This was in September 2018. This was my first formal job. While there, I got to an opportunity to lead the Muezart team on an Epic Journey and from that time I was moved to Muezart. My life changed dramatically. I am now where I am enjoying every day.

I Work With Eri Silkworm Rearers 

I learnt all about Eri silkworms and Eri silk on the job. Thanks to the number of field trips I have gone on, I have met several Eri silkworm rearers.

The many women who are found of Khraw - The rose between many roses

I have met people who are sincere yet do not earn enough. There is potential for them to do better by increasing their cocoon production.

I am responsible for the silkworm rearers in our network. I stay in touch with them – I call them and explain the purpose we are sourcing the cocoon - to get good quality cocoons at a fair price and at the right time. There are many cocoon rearers in our network from different villages, so a call is important – to update them and to hear their concerns or news. Quite often they call me too.

They feel encouraged to know that their products are being sold in other parts of the world and that they get money for it so that they can improve their standard of living.

Recently we sold Eri silk yarn to a fashion house in New York and the designer used it on a piece she showcased in the New York fashion show 2019! I showed the news to the lady farmers on my phone and you should have seen the joy in their faces!

Read more at Mimi Prober

We are now encouraging Eri silkworm rearing in the non-rearing areas. I visit these areas to train them on the process and about the economics of it. I demonstrate and guide them through the process.

His Talent 

According to the feedback given by my colleagues I feel my special talent is to connect with people 😊

What Khraw Enjoys Doing?

My response may sound silly, but I really enjoy working at Muezart and one thing that I’m enjoying the most is that I’m learning something new every day.

Any Interesting Stories To Share?

An incident stands out, not a pleasant one - the day my father passed away. I was in my college when my mom called and informed that my dad is in the ICU. Soon we lost him. This was a shock and a rude awakening - that I must find ways of earning even while in college.

Khraw ends the chat by saying he wants to get better at what he is doing

“In the next five years I would want to see myself as an expert in connecting with people and as a good guide and trainer for the Eri silk weavers and silkworm rearers. I want to get better at what I am doing.”

Here is Khraw at work

Apart from working with the lady farmers at the village. Khraw is also the person taking care of the inventory, product shipment, and making sure of the timely delivery!

"As we at Muezart are locals too, unlike the middlemen who come from another state, we would like to create a livelihood for the Eri silkworm rearer's in our State that benefits them. Not let a middleman skim all the profit with their shrewd ways," says Khraw.

A wise head on a young shoulder, don’t you agree?

You can read more about Khraw in our IG page.

This is what Miranda, Khraw’s colleague in Muezart, has to say: Khraw is a great team player. We were both freshers when we first joined Chillibreeze and were part of a team called the OUT- Over-under team.

There I got to work with Khraw as a teammate. Me and Khraw were like Tom and Jerry 😊. We argued a lot. We had a lot of conflicts, but we matured and learned what teamwork is. And, to this day we are still working together - as one strong team in Muezart.

Now I can say without any doubt that all the conflicts and arguments that we have had have made our work easier in Muezart.

Khraw has always been very good in connecting with people, especially with farmers and artisans. I remember when I first met him, he was not as confident as he is now.

He was not as passionate as he is now. Today I can hear him talk on the phone with Kong Tmung and the other women in villages with passion and that motivate and gives the women a sense of pride and confidence that the Eri silk business in Meghalaya is going to flourish.

Khraw and Miranda with our women partners

That is all about Khraw for now, our very own livewire leader and change maker. Before we sign off click here to hear Khraw share with passion what it means to be a Muezart maker.

Do you know people like Khraw who have come out stronger thanks to the challenges that life posed before them? Share their stories with us. If you have any questions for Khraw please send them over in the comments section.

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