We Love to Make Plant Dyes - Here Are the Ingredients We Use

You're here because you are a lover of natural color. We're happy to tell you about the ingredients we use for dyeing our Eri silk fiber and yarn. We created a free PDF for you. We are curious to discover new ingredients from makers like you. But we all live in different parts of the world. What grows natively here, may not be available in your climate or terrain.

We're sharing a Free PDF of our ingredient list. You can download it below.  Since we work with women in the village all of our plants have local names uniquely known in that tribal language. We work with the horticulture department of Meghalaya to identify the botanical names of each plant. We still have 3 plants yet to identify :-)

Natural Dye Ingredients - Muezart
Interested In Knowing More?

Download a PDF of Muezart's List of Plant Dye Ingredients

Gathering Sokhu leaves from the forest for making plant dyes and mordants
Ri-bhoi weaver gathering Jyrmi, an indigenous vine creeper that grows wild in the forest. 
This plant is used as a fixative for dying with turmeric root to create a golden yellow color. 

At Muezart we believe in continuing to use plant mordants as dye fixatives. This is a slow natural dye process that the local village women have been using for centuries. That means our colors are 100% natural ingredients.

We specialize in Eri silk, which is a protein fiber that works so well with natural dye fixatives. If you're a fan of slow-made natural products, then you will understand that all-natural dyes will have color variants. No dye batch will be the same color. That's the beauty of the trade. This is exactly what gives each yarn and fiber that exquisite hand-made, one of a kind look.

Eri Silk is a protein fiber perfect as an un-dyed yarn for natural dying

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