Sustainable Clothing - A Slow Fashion Clothing Trend

Slow fashion also called eco fashion is a new approach of paving consumers to better sustainable clothing. Choosing better quality fabrics that will last longer goes a long way for you, animals, and the planet.

Slow fashion: Paving the way to sustainable clothing | MuezartThe textiles in the above photo represent how most of the clothes were slow-made in the villages of Meghalaya. These handloom textiles are over 50 years old. When visiting one of our weavers we asked her to show us her grandmother's shawls and wraps. See how beautifully made they are. Locally grown fiber (Eri silk), hand-spun, naturally dyed and handwoven. They have been washed and worn many times over. This slow-made, hand-made clothing represents what Muezart is all about.

"The term Slow Fashion came about quite organically. It was coined by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, following the phenomena of the slow food movement. As with the slow food movement, Fletcher saw a need for a slower pace in the fashion industry." (Source

Why Is Sustainable Clothing Important to You and the Environment?

Sustainable clothing has seen increasing support in the last few years with a majority of brands rejecting the principles of fast fashion and customers demanding more sustainable clothing.  

The importance of sustainable clothing and its benefits | Muezart

4 Ways Why Sustainable Clothing Is Important

  1. Water pollution - when washing your clothes, the synthetic dyes that contain toxins pollutes the water. Sustainable clothing is closely related to the use of natural dyes. Hence, choosing long-lasting clothing can tremendously reduce water pollution.
  2. Air pollution - the fashion industry produces carbon dioxide in volumes. Fashion industries have been called out as one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Sustainable clothing is closely related to the natural dyeing process which does not involve emitting harmful gases.
  3. Clothing reflects who you are - your clothes reflect how you want to see yourself and seen by other people around you. By practicing slow fashion you are leading an example to everyone to be more environmentally responsible.   
  4. Long term investment - since sustainable clothes are more durable, they can serve you for longer periods. Hence you save money by investing smartly.


"Sustainable fashion designers and retailers understand that there is a critical intersection between companies who cut corners regarding the environment and human rights. Taking shortcuts means just that, in all areas. That means that the fake leather bag you purchased may have toxins. These materials are often made from oil-based polymers, which are detrimental to the environment and to people. This is compounded by dyes used on fake leather that sometimes includes lead. In fact, the Center for Environmental Health tests accessories for toxins and has found that roughly one out of every five fake leather items they test contains lead." (Source)

Sustainable Clothing for Women

Although the trend of men's fashion has been rising significantly in the past few decades, women still rule the fashion world. Today's women and young girls are conscious about their looks and are aware of the latest fashion trends that are coming out every year.

Sustainable clothing for women | MuezartBut, more than just looking to stand out, some women want to be influencers and make a positive impact in ethical fashion.

"Women are not just victims of exploitative manufacturing practices. They are also pioneering the sustainable fashion movement—an entirely different approach to fashion, one that includes smaller supply chains, ethical sourcing and transparency along the entire product journey, both in regard to workers and the planet. These women understand the importance of changing the industry in a holistic fashion that goes far beyond fair wages." (Source)


Sustainable Clothing Supports Local Communities and Workers

You the buyer and retailer ensure fair pay for the people who make slow fashion clothes, allowing them to invest in their economies and communities. You're not only getting the benefits of slow fashion clothing but you're helping unprivileged people earn a living.

  Sustainable clothing weavers | MuezartHere at Muezart, we believe in slow fashion and eco-friendly clothing. We help you win by offering you with the best sustainable clothing you can find. So, when you purchase a product from us, you win, we win and the local workers win. 

Sustainable Clothing and Slow Fashion Is the Way Your Lifestyle Should Look Like  

To sum it all up, sustainable clothing and slow fashion have become nature's best friend. Buying decisions that impact you and the world can go a long way. 

"There’s no way around it: Sustainable clothes made with eco-friendly fabrics and fairly paid labor cost more. If you’re used to paying $9 for a T-shirt or $30 for a pair of jeans, you’ll inevitably pay more for eco-conscious labels.

However, higher costs can be avoided. You can shop at thrift stores and pay even less than the discount store price. Purchases from eco-friendly brands are a bit costlier, but with the money you’ve saved buying used, you can easily afford to splurge on a few new, environmentally friendly pieces. And you can feel good knowing your money is going to support businesses that are doing good in the world." (Source)

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