The Benefits Of Crocheting

Introduction To Crocheting

Crocheting is a yarn art where textile is created with a single needle with a hooked edge and yarn. As with knitting, crochet is used to create shawls, sweaters, socks etc.  

Both crocheting and knittingwere initially considered as just a hobby for people with lots of free time. It was also known as a popular hobby for old people to put their time to use by making clothes for their loved ones. 

However, with time, the trends changed. Crochetingis now popular with age groups and offers endless possibilities. Yes, you read that right. Crochet is for all ages.  
You can now basically crochet anything and everything.

Once you put your mind to this art and learn at least 3 to 4 basic crochet stitching techniques, you can make several items using just one stitch or a combination of several stitches. 

What do you mean by Crocheting or Crochet?

Crochet is a French word meaning ‘hook’. What you see below is a Crochet hook being used in the Muezart studio with Eri silk yarn.

As the tool used to make the textile is a hooked needle the art got the name ‘crochet’. Crochet needles are sometimes called Shepherds' hooks and are generally made of steel, wood, plastic, and in the past even ivory. The process is simply interlocking loops of yarn or thread to create fabric. Unlike knitting where many stitches are kept open at a time, in crochet each stitch is completed before the next one begins.

The Benefits of Crocheting

As with any creative art, crochet too has many benefits.

Several studies and research have taken place 
 understand what the real benefits of crocheting are.

1. Crocheting reduces stress and anxiety

Almost all of us feel stressed or anxious in our daily life.
By crocheting and allowing ourselves to be creative, we are taking our mind off from whatever has been troubling us. By focusing on the repetitive motions of individual stitches and counting rows, our mind is able to be more relaxed and freer from anxious ideas and thoughts.

 A study conducted in 2018 substantiates this. The study concluded:  

The data suggests that crochet offers positive benefits for personal wellbeing with many respondents actively using crochet to manage mental health conditions and life events such as grief, chronic illness and pain. Crochet is a relatively low-cost, portable activity that can be easily learnt and seems to convey all of the positive benefits provided by knitting. 

2. Crocheting Relaxes your mind

The repetitive and continuous stitching transforms the mind into a sort of a mindfulness that is very similar to meditation. Without actually meditating the traditional way, you are reaping the benefits of meditation through crocheting. If you are somebody that has failed repeatedly on your resolution to start meditating, you should probably allow yourselves to try crocheting.

3. Relieves depression

When we do something we like, our brains release a chemical known as dopamine, that affects our emotions and functions like a natural anti-depressant.
Scientists believe that crafts, such as crocheting, can make us feel happier and better about ourselves

4. Crocheting Increases Productivity

We all love that feeling of accomplishment. Right when you finish your document, task, or project, don’t you feel elated?

Crocheting offers such possibilities. You have so many colours and possibilities that will keep you hooked to the activity no matter what. Crocheting can never be boring. It is a great way to feel productive.

5. Crocheting – Lends Itself to Group Activities

For those who seek therapy benefits in group settings, crocheting can be supremely beneficial.

By working in a craft, like crocheting those in a group can immediately have some way of relating to the other group members, and it may help function as an ice breaker for more serious conversations. Even if you aren’t actively seeking therapy, you can benefit from the sense of community that crocheting can bring.

6. Crochet builds your self-esteem by being productive

We all want to feel productive and useful, and by working up a project to give as a gift or sell at a craft festival, we can do just that. 
Though we don’t craft just for the compliments, a little bit of external compliments by someone buying your finished item or your gift recipient wearing that crochet hat you made all winter long can truly build the self-esteem we need.

Some Creations Made By Muezart’s Customers.


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7. Crocheting Converts Hobby into business

Did you know that you can sell your crochet art on websites like Etsy a website that allow makers  to sell their own craft. You can also join Facebook groups that allow you to sell/buy handmade articles.
To be honest, there are many more benefits to crocheting than what has been mentioned above.

Apart from being a classic skill and an undisputed method of creativity and expression, crocheting has multiple mental, physical and emotional benefits.

If you are a crocheter or knitter already, we hope that this blog keeps you hooked to the rewarding craft.

If you are just starting out, we hope that this blog can get you motivated for your journey.

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