The Making of Eri Silk Yarn Workshop

Have I told you the story about how Muezart started? I probably have, but since I got this opportunity to relive this memory again, why not share it with you.

It was on a cold foggy January morning when the team set out from Golf link, the meeting point we had decided on a few days earlier.

We were going to the known, but our trip was without any guarantee we would find any underutilized potential. We were searching for the unknown or untapped activities and resources of our land.

But we definitely did not want to go looking for any food or food-related resources. A bad taste in our mouths was still lingering from our recent experience. Maybe essential oils, we thought.

How about bamboo and cane? Hmm, traditional musical instruments? Our questions kept rolling out from the get-go of our journey. The air in the car was filled with arguments and rebuttals as we brainstormed possibilities.

"Our debates had not ended when we arrived at our first destination"- Mynso.

A quaint little village with houses on hill slopes. We were welcomed with warm hearts and shown around the village. In one house, we were introduced to cotton spinning, and the yarn is used to weave traditional baby slings.


It was not a light bulb moment, but this was something different, something unpopular. We were drawn to it even when we saw a few other potential activities at Mynso.

Fast forward two months, and we were on another epic trip to Diwon, exploring Eri silk. The result of an idea born out of our introduction to weaving cotton baby slings in Mynso. We owe a lot to what we do to our exploratory epic trips, which we still go to even today.

And with every visit to Diwon, the Eri silk Village', our hearts were always full of joy with great learning experiences about the magical Eri silk fiber.

Yet another idea was born to introduce textile tours to our customers curious about this magical woolly silk and share the same experience we felt in the village.

After one year of Muezart's existence, we've successfully held workshops at our studio and taken our guests for a day trip to the Eri Silk village.     


 The team with Miyoul, a lover of crochet and natural fibers from South Korea in Ribhoi.

@shrucraftslove at our studio with Sasa, a Muezart Maker.

The Experiencing Textiles with the students from NID, Jorhat, Assam
Workshop on Tapestry Weaving for kids in our studio with Bhavika Gandhi and family


A workshop on, ‘The Making of Eri Silk Yarn’, With the guest from Curtain Callls Adventures.

 Johanna from Finland and Seri from Austria from the Good Ride Stories visiting our studio to learn about the wonders of Eri Silk.

We have been very successful with our 'The making of Eri Silk Yarn' workshops and would like to continue hosting more in the future.

It includes the whole process from Degumming of the cocoons, Natural dyeing, spinning of the fiber with a drop spindle and a manual E-spinner, blending of fibers, and Tapestry Weaving.

So, if you're planning to visit Meghalaya, drop us a message or email at about this experience. We would love to have you in our studio and take you on tour in the Eri Silk Village.

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