Traditional Motifs on a Ribhoian Queen's Palace

a carved pillar of a traditional palace

"Bravery never goes out of fashion."

William Makepeace Thackeray (1811 - 1863), English Novelist
A mark of pride, valor, integrity, and timelessness, this embroidery design is inspired from an old carving on the pillar of a Ribhoian Queen’s Palace. A journey to the beautiful traditional wood and thatch palace. Meeting a wise queen and her lore about the old ways are imbued in this beautiful pattern. Why don't you drape yourself in it, wear it with pride, telling the world your story and connection to restoring a tradition in time.

inspired embroidery from the Palace pillar

Embroidery inspired by the carving on large wooden pillars. 

Ri-Bhoi palace wood carving on the entrance doors. Muezart - Meghalaya

The sister of the queen invites us inside the palace. 

The inside was dark and mysterious. The doors and shutters were filled with more traditional motifs found in traditional Ribhoian weaving and embroidery.

Queens sister invites the Muezart team inside the palace.

 The queen's brother holds his son in a traditional baby sling

Queens brother holds his son in a baby sling in front of the palace pillar

 Let’s Connect and #FlourishTogether

The Muezart Team


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