Why Wear Sustainable Fabrics Like Eri Silk?

We love Eri because it is a sustainable fabric used and worn by our own people of Meghalaya. Our land is home to the entire eco-system of Eri silk. Our traditions and the Khasi people never highlighted the silk as peace silk. We didn't wear Eri silk because we believed in its non-violent properties. Only recently has ahimsa or peace silk, caused Eri to gain in popularity the world over.

Our people wear Eri because everything that creates this unique silk is in and around the local village life. For generations we have farmed the worm to create food and fabrics. Our tribe eats the chunky protein-packed Eri silkworm. Eri is deep in our culture. 

 Ryndia Wild Peace Silk with embroidery
Miranda holding an Eri silk shawl handwoven and accented with and embroidery. Made with 100% natural dyed yarn.

Now We Know the Benefits of Wearing Sustainable Fabrics

The natural protein layers of the fibers are comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Eri is a dense fabric.  The yarn used to weave into fabric does not irritate the human skin; rather the textile is highly beneficial to it. Moreover, they suit people with sensitive or hypoallergenic skin. Likewise, it is washable and wrinkle-free which makes it great for traveling as well. It makes great bedspreads, curtains, and lifestyle accessories, besides shawls, stoles, scarves.

Khasi mother with traditional baby sling
A Khasi lady carrying her child in a traditional baby sling
The women on the far left have a handwoven Eri silk around her shoulder

Eri Silk is durable which is why it is known as the Timeless Silk and surpasses time which is why it is passed down for generations as an Heirloom.

The fibers are natural insulators which help maintain body temperatures in cool or warm weather conditions. Silk is, in essence, an all-season fabric. Since it is a natural fiber it is also hypoallergenic and recommended for people with allergies.

The three women in the picture are wearing a similar handwoven Eri silk shawl as the picture above
The lady holding a naturally dyed Eri silk shawl
A handwoven Eri silk shawl with embroidery design at the center

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